Tuesday, January 28, 2014

YES, I still live...

I have been woefully neglecting my blog (no posts since JUNE 22??? Can it be true?) but I am going to fix that situation VERY SOON!  I graduate with my Bachelor's in Marketing on Monday, February 3rd.  With graduation completing 4 1/2 years of online education, I will be filling up my free time with getting my two work-from-home businesses online!  Close to my Heart has just started the new catalog and AVON has much coming up that will be SOOO fun and I will be adding a little of that in here, too...when it applies.  Join me as I ramp back up my creative juices and share some of the tips and tricks I've learned since we've visited last.  I'm also looking to update the blog design and start entering some of the challenges soon, as well.  Me thinks February will be a busy month for me! :) 

See you all soon!