Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My first "Workshop on the Go"

Being a Close To My Heart rep, I thought it would be helpful to try a little of everything.  I had the opportunity to use a full WOTG (for free :) ) to make the cards.  I must say, CTMH has something here...everything you need, directions, and just enough ability to be creative but not enough to run out of ideas.

Here is what it came with . . . everything pictures and only (4) 12" X 12" pieces of paper to make all of the cards below - AMAZING!
And here is what it all made . . . with a lot of scraps left over! :)
It was easier than I thought in some ways (the directions were easy to follow and clear) and a little harder (I wanted to adjust each card instead of follwoing the directions).  The cards were cute but I wanted to make each unique.  The B&T double-sided paper made for a quick change though with one of the two cards having the front (blue polka dot or colored diamond) and the other would be the opposite (green and brown dots and shades of brown diamond).  I also had a few mis-cuts but there was enough overage to correct that quickly.  Each card also had additions of ribbon, brads, flowers, or even buckles (or a combination).  I will be displaying this for the next few classes to show the versatility and SIZE of these workshops.  A full "D" size stamp set, the cards with envelopes, and even two small distressing inks (dutch blue and chocolate in this case) were included with this set.  I really think they would be GREAT for the first time stamper or for quick cards for the more seasoned card-makers.  Thanks for stopping.

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